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Blockchain-based integrated management system

KON PAY provides merchants with a service that allows for faster settlement than the settlement period of the existing payment structure. By providing a smart contract-based integrated management system, merchants conveniently provide an integrated management system that includes sales, profit, expected refund amount, credit, and transaction history.

On/Offline Integrated Payment Platform

By combining rich integrated payment service experience and blockchain technology, we provide a next-generation integrated payment platform that can be used immediately in the field, and provide all payment solutions necessary for online and offline payment environments such as selfintegrated payment solutions and terminals to all businesses, including small businesses. provide.

Multi-digital asset payment support

By flexibly responding to the price volatility of digital assets and using its own utility coin and instant settlement method, both service buyers and merchants can receive benefits and rewards when paying with KON PAY Token, and are free from the effects of price volatility.

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